Death Doula

The unknown is challenging. For most of us, dying is such an unknown place. Whether we have arrived at the end of our own life’s journey or want to be present for a dying person, what happens is that we may feel overwhelmed, helpless or paralyzed. By reacting this way we miss the powerful force of this final detachment process.

We can support this transition by being unconditionally present. Accepting what is here and now. Allowing everything, not excluding anything. Diving to the source of all being. Getting in touch with the truth beyond the forms of this world. Experiencing the love that flows through everything.

Sacred space

A safe and protected space during the process of dying is of great support. Holding this space, flowing with the movements of the soul, being a silent witness of the change – that’s my offer to you. Whether you are standing on the threshold yourself or someone close to you is dying or has already died, feel free to contact me and to find out how I can support you.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.


Offers as a Death Doula

Please contact me directly
in order to find an individual agreement for your specific needs.
My services are freely given.
Every donation gratefully received.

Holding space

Consciously creating the transition. Holding the space for all that is. Crying, laughing. In conversation, in silence.

Meditation and Prayer

Inviting the power of connection to the Divine. Aligning consciousness with eternal love.


Spending the last days and hours together with the dying person. Supporting the detachment process with individual rituals.

Mourning Dyads

Using the power of the dyad to open the space for grief, to express it and to find ways to make peace with it.


My husband decided to make use of palliative care. The process of detaching was emotionally challenging for both of us. Thanks to the heartful care of Yvonne during this time, I felt, despite the emotional pain, lovingly held with the knowledge that everything is good as it is. The memorial service, led by Yvonne, was also a touching and peaceful experience.

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