Dyad Meditation

Dyad Meditations are a powerful practice to explore the true nature of being. They support the art of contemplation and strengthen spiritual awareness. People from all religious backgrounds can benefit from this direct and immediate path of self-inquiry.

The 40-minute meditation is done in pairs and supports people to connect with their own inner wisdom while sharing with their partner. A specific structure keeps this sacred space safe.

What is Truth?

A conscious and direct experience of Truth is my invitation to you. Open yourself to the present moment without expectations or judgements, simply be here now, discover and release blocks, welcome love – just to name a few things that may arise on your way to Truth.

The realization of Truth and Reality can never be created by the mind; it always comes as a gift of grace. Inquiry clears away misperceptions and illusions, making one available to the movements of grace.


Offers for Dyad Meditations

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Please feel free to contact me for further questions.

1:1 Dyads

You can do Dyads with me. We will meet on Zoom. I will guide you through the structure and answer your questions about the process.

When? On request via Zoom.

How long? A Dyad is a 40-minute mediation in pairs. Including the introduction and Q&A it’ll last around 75 min.

How much? My services are freely given. Every donation gratefully received.


  • You need a good internet connection
  • as well as a good video- and audio-connection
  • Make sure you have enough time
  • and a quiet place where you can be fully present for your partner

Global Dyad Meditation

The platform offers daily Dyads to a worldwide community. You can sign up for free and join the Dyads after having attended the Intro.

When? Daily Dyads, find the schedule with time and dates on Global Dyad Meditation.

How long? Approx. 75 minutes.

How much? Daily Dyads are free of charge. Intensive trainings on donation basis.


  • Free registration on Global Dyad Meditation
  • At least one INTRO


Dyads helped me to connect with my inner wisdom again. Thanks to Yvonne’s calm, serene and self-reflected way I easly got in touch with my thoughts and feelings during the Dyad. And to my own surprise this happend just right from the beginning. If you also want to have this experience, I can warmly recommend Yvonne as a dyad partner and coach.

With her calm and direct way, Yvonne leads through a wonderful introduction of the Dyad meditation. With her neutral presence as a host, I felt welcome and seen just from the start. This introduction already opened the door to immerse myself directly in meditation. Thank you very much for this special gift!

I only recently learned about Dyad meditation. For me it is a true gift as through the interaction with my partner, it’s much easier for me to experience the connection with the divine.

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