Inner Guidance

No teacher, no guru can walk the way to your inner wisdom for you. To get in touch with your Inner Guidance, it’s up to you. The more you invest in the connection with the Source, whatever you may call it, the more the connection grows.

Let me be still and listen to the truth.

A Course in Miracles, WB 105

Finding clarity

Various techniques can help you to get from your head to your heart. There is no silver bullet for this. What is useful today may be obsolete tomorrow. Find your own way and learn how your trust is growing.

First of all, get clear about what you really want. Be honest and uncompromising with yourself. Only when you know what your deepest desire is you’ll be motivated to put the Divine first and to surrender to your Inner Guidance.

Offers for Inner Guidance

All offers take place on request in 1:1 settings or as a group.
My services are freely given.
Every donation gratefully received


Spiritual Aspiration

What do you want? What is your deepest desire? The answer to this question is the basis for every further step on your way. It motivates you and aligns you.


As a silent observer, you just are present with everything as it is. Your mind pauses. You let yourself sink into the source from where you emerged.


Find out more about who you really are. Become aware of your conditioning. Uncover hidden beliefs. Self-Inquiry helps you to find more clarity.


Opening up to inner wisdom that lies beyond the intellectual mind. A question, a quote, a mantra can be the starting point for your contemplative practice.

Intuitive Writing

Answering daily-life questions not with your mind, but by listening inward and let your intuition speak. A daily practice to strengthen the connection with your inner guidance.

Spiritual Book Clubs

Together we read and explore the practical meaning of spiritual teachings in weekly Zoom meetings. German speaking only at the moment.

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