Thoughts of Awakening

Regina Dawn Akers‘ free ebook Thoughts of Awakening (PDF) offers 365 contemplations. They are also used in the self-study called Gentle Healing II. Here are Regina’s tips for contemplating these thoughts:

„Each of the 365 thoughts is intended for a full day’s contemplation. They are to be read and contemplated repeatedly throughout the day. If you read and contemplate each thought deeply for a full day, you’ll experience shifts towards true perception this year.

The best way to devote yourself to each thought is:

  1. Read the thought in the morning, and spend time contemplating it.
  2. Write as you contemplate the thought.
  3. Keep the day’s thought with you and review it multiple times throughout the day. The more you review it, the better. The goal is to absorb it as deeply as possible.
  4. Also review whatever you wrote as you contemplated the day’s thought that morning. If what you wrote is long, you might not to be able to review it as often as you review that day’s thought, but review your writing enough to put it into practice. Practicing the guidance that came to you through your writing is the most important part of this process.“

Screensavers for Thoughts of Awakening

To review the thoughts in an easy way a friend of mine came up with the idea to put them as a screensaver on the phone. So I got inspired to create images every day (still in progress).

  1. You can download them here.
  2. Save them on your phone
  3. Activate the image as a screensaver on your phone every morning.

Happy to hear how that works for you.